IPSC2-FreeSTAR DMR+ Server.

DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR Master Server hosted on behalf of the FreeSTAR Network. This server is the official FreeSTAR DMR+ IPSC2 server which is located in Dusseldorf, Germany. This server is part of the IPSC2 Network and is connected to DMR+ via bMaster+. There are links to SYSTEM-X, DMR MARC, Phoenix UK, DV Scotland & BrandMeister through this master. You can also connect direct to FreeSTAR UK (FreeSTAR Multi-mode HUB) via TG325 Slot 1 & TG23426 Slot 1.


Some features include:
+ Private call routing
+ Client configuration sent by Protocol Options line
+ Reflector system
+ Enhanced InterLink. Improved InterLinked protocol
+ GPS and APRS Enhancement + SMS direct routing + bMaster+ DMR+ international call routing + Supports MMDVM, Hytera, Motorola protocols + Supports static Talkgroups on Motorola, Hytera & MMDVM protocols